What is Mygram?

Mygram enables you to complete your users’ transactions over SMS.

Don’t just blast your userbase with inactive, dead text SMSes. Complete your users’ transactions over SMS itself, with authenticated notifications from Mygram. Whether they are applying for jobs, approving a payment, registering for a service, or performing any other kind of transaction, you can efficiently complete it entirely over SMS!

Here's how Rozgar Mela uses Mygram

Transactions over SMS

Mygram allows you to:

  • Conduct transactions, not just send information: Mygram notifications are secure, authenticated links to active, rich content.
  • Replace complex APIs with email: Instead of grappling with complex SMS Gateway APIs, you simply send notifications to your users by email - they receive an SMS with an authenticated link to your content.
  • Send unlimited messages: You can send as many messages as you want - we don’t charge you for outgoing messages. You are only charged a flat fee for each subscribed user.

How does it work?

  1. Your users subscribe to your service by SMSing your code (like ‘ROZ’) to 87676 87676.
  2. An activation link is sent to the user as an SMS. Clicking it activates her account.
  3. To send notifications, you simply send an email to <user phone number>@mygram.in.
  4. The user receives an SMS with a link to your email.
  5. This link will only open on the user’s phone - nowhere else. Therefore, you can safely send submission forms and links (such as ‘Click to apply’) to complete transactions with your users through Mygram.


You can send an unlimited number of messages to your users. You are only charged ₹10 per subscribed user, per year.


Ramshreyas Rao cut his teeth building tablet based ICT systems for an adivasi organisation in the Nilgiris. His work there led to the 2013 Vodafone Mobile for Good awards for Project Leapfrog. This amazing experience led to a series of epiphanies around the digital inclusion / identity problem, and led him directly to Mygram.

Kartik Parija is the lead advisor to Mygram and serves on its Board of Directors. He currently runs Adori Labs, a media tech startup working to transform audio experiences. He is a Computer Science and Applied Mathematics guy who has spent the past 18 years as a serial entrepreneur, building tech businesses both hands-on and as a VC. Previously, he was a Cofounder and GP at the Zephyr Peacock Fund, and began his career as an engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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